Josh Schweizer, CUAUrban Farm Project Manager

Josh comes to us as a New York / West Virginia hybrid. His connection to food, farming, nature & community came early from a partial upbringing with homesteading grandparents in the West Virginia mountains. He still recalls all the excitement as a child, when it was time to harvest bushels of green beans from the field with his grandmother, and credits her for the fundamentals.

Josh served as an organizer for social and environmental justice campaigns in DC and along most of the east, as he continued to build on his agriculture portfolio and before starting his business, Raised Roots. He received the bulk of his work studies on vegetable and fruit farms across the United States and has been a grower & builder for 18 years. Using the railroad system as both a means of travel and networking source, he rode freight trains & honed his skills by connecting, living and working alongside several inspirational and unconventional farmers along the way.

As Tricycle’s original farm manager, Josh recently re-joined Tricycle after spreading some urban ag seeds out West while working for 2 years with the Urban Farm Company of Colorado as senior installer, consultant & educator. He’s been working in the nonprofit field for 12 years and feels at home with his team at Tricycle.

Words to live by


What has been your favorite Tricycle experience?

Working with a large dedicated volunteer group who really wanted to stay on task at the farm during a rain shower. That shower quickly turned into a rain storm, which then turned into a muddy obstacle course and out came the largest mud ball fight in 9th & Bainbridge history.

What do you do when you’re not working for Tricycle?

Drinking coffee before the sun rises and taking it easy. I’m a big time outdoor enthusiast, counterculturist, avid cyclist and traveler who enjoys camping anywhere & everywhere.