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The process of growing food sustainably may be more important to our health than consuming the bounty that comes from that work. At Tricycle we are hungry for everyone to experience that connection and the powerful magic that comes from getting your hands in the soil. And truly, we would never be able to accomplish all of our work without the many dedicated volunteers who dig in with us. Be a part of the magic and volunteer with us!



Join us every Thursday from 10am-1pm for an open volunteer session at RVA’s Urban Farm (901 Bainbridge Street). Pre-registration is not required and you can come by for any amount of time that you’d like. Please make sure that you fill out the Volunteer Info Sheet below before you arrive!  2019 Open Hours: April 11- November 14th

HandsOn Weekend Volunteer Opportunities

We offer weekend volunteer opportunities every month. Pre-registration is required for each occurrence, so be sure to sign up in advance as these opportunities tend to fill up!

3rd Saturday

RVA’s Urban Farm
901 Bainbridge Street in Manchester
Third Saturday of the month
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Join us for these upcoming events

VCU Massey Cancer Center Farmstand
Tuesdays from 10am-2pm
VCU Massey Cancer Center
College & Marshall Streets

2019 Farmstand Season runs from March 19th – November 19th. An all organic, chemical-free market featuring BOGO (Buy one item, Get one item free) pricing for all patients, caregivers, and SNAP recipients. Join us for bi-monthly healthy recipe tastings featuring an MCV Dietician!

Maymont Plant Sale
Saturday, April 27
8am - 4pm
Carriage House Lawn

Free for Maymont Members and children under 16

$5 for non-members

We are excited to offer all the annual fruits and vegetables as well as perennial herbs you need for a spring or summer garden. This year, we have ginger, turmeric, passion fruit vine, and vermicompost available to enhance the diversity and health of your garden and your life.

Lewis Ginter Plantfest!
Members-only presale: Thursday, May 2 from 4pm - 7pm
Open to the public: Friday, May 3 from 9am -5pm & Saturday, May 4 from 9am - 3pm
1800 Lakeside Avenue

Details coming soon!



We know you care about your food, how it is grown, how much it costs, how it tastes, and if it is healthy for you and your loved ones. Much of the ingredients that impact these important factors are rooted in city, state and federal policy. As we strive to cultivate healthy eaters, successful farmers and vibrant communities we need your help in advocating for improved policies that result in vital food system for all.

Tricycle is leading a citywide effort to improve RVA’s policies to remove barriers to successful urban agriculture locally in our own city, we are working with state leaders to develop a rich understanding of the importance of urban ag and healthy food access and with national partners to drive positive influence for the upcoming federal farm bill.

As events, activities and calls for support are needed, we will call on people who eat to support our collective efforts.

“The future of rural agriculture depends on the success of urban agriculture, because cities are where many of the next generation of farmers now live,” said Lindsey Lusher Shute, National Young Farmers Coalition Executive Director. “Some of America’s most successful new farms are run by young people who launched their careers growing in backyards, community gardens and on rooftops.”

“Urban agriculture is an important part of meeting rising food demands, supplying easier access to highly nutritious vegetables and fruits, reconnecting the food consumer with the farmer, and establishing new market opportunities for emerging farmers,” said Roger Johnson, National Farmers Union President.

Nearly 1.7 million Virginians live in low income areas with limited access to supermarkets. Families who live in areas with limited supermarket access are more likely to suffer from diet-related disease. By 2030, Virginia will have over 1 million cases of diabetes and over 2 million cases of heart disease.

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